Who said happiness cannot be bought with money

Kisne Kaha Khusiyan Paiso Se Nhi Krdi Ja Skti?
– The Best Motivation is Money

TheBMIM - Digital University 2023's

A Futuristic Digital University for the Upcoming Generation. From Learning to Earning Here TheBMiM will guide you. WARNING, Once you join us, then you will not go out without taking the CERTIFICATE, This is our guarantee, If this does not happen, we will give you the cost of 5 Full Old Monk bottles in return.
Why it's way betters
  • If you consider the market as gambling then we will teach you how to write your luck using money management
  • Markets don't give you taunt but your mind does, we will teach you how to stop it using psychology
  • If you are afraid of loss, then we will teach you how you can overcome your fear without drinking Mountain Dew Using Risk Management

Empowering tomorrow's leaders

You are taking trade without understanding the market, that means you are smoking weed without chocolate. But don’t you worry, our community people will teach you market ( Konse jagah ka maal ha )
Features :
  • People Quit Smoking gold flakes after they joined here. (Shifted to Maal-Bro)
  • People say that after joining here, they left the joint. (Please don't compare us with the weed)

TheBMIM Membership

x 1 Month


/ Month

netflix subscription's won't pay you but TheBMiM will

You will finish 4 cartons of Kingfisher in 10 days if you just keep giving Stop-Loss but you need at least 10 cartons to have fun because you are hitting such a target with TheBMIM.

TheBMIM Membership

x 3 Month


/ Month

Monthly subscriptions seem like a lot, don't they?

But you give more than this to stoploss. Believe us, if you join now, you will be saved from the next big losses. Do not give another chance to buy 4 cartons by taking the cost of 10 cartons.
Features :
  • TheBMIM SERA - Stock Explore Research Analysis Group
  • TheBMiM Practice Room - Get Live Nifty50 Signals

Nature is more beautiful than Ex & Next

Just like you don’t want to give a single bottle from your carton to anyone, we also don’t want to give away the price of our subscription. But if your friends ask you, you will give a bottle, similarly we will also give 15% of your subscription to our friend NATURE
Utilization :
  • Soon we will break some world records with tree planting
  • Soon we will bring some revolution for animals

“Janwar or Jungle Yehi to Hain Nature..Humlog to Sirf Kismat Hain Jo Hume Azma Rhe Hain “

“ Yahan To Sirf Paiso Ki Baat Hogi Agar Asli Savings Sikhna Hain To Apne Maa Baap Se Pucho or Ayne Mein Apne Aap Se Pucho Tumhe Kisne Bachaya Itne Saal Tak  “

“Teri Bandi Ko Pata Mera Badan Ka Size“


Aniket Pradhan

CEO / Founder - TheBMiM


Her / His SON TheBMIM


Her Favorite TheBMiM

Vision made of money!

Our aim is that no one should be sad in the coming generation. If money is written in luck then we will teach to read and if not written then write. From a futuristic point of view, we will take out the present so that a new era begins
Collected Blessing You Can Take!!
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Ever thought of a lovely letter on which the future is written? Luck is such a book on which you can convert that book into an autobiography book through your signature.
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